Wow, good on you!

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Blah blah rant.

I’m just so freakin’ tired of this roller coaster I’m on. I wish I could really just disappear. I serve no function. I feel just like a waste of space. So I’m going to rant to a random social media in which I have few followers. Because that way I can get it out of my mind without getting it out. It’s kinda like I got it out though. I just really wish I could be happy like I used to be. ALONE! Didn’t need anybody but family. Now I need alone time and then people. I don’t understand it and it frustrates me. I wish I didn’t shut my eyes to the fact that my best friend at the moment couldn’t care less about hanging with me. I continue to delude myself into thinking people actually would want to spend any time with me. Ha! I want to go to bed! I have to bowl. =[

It’s just a phase you’ll be ok

It’s a skillet kind of night… I’m about done with trying… Just want to be completely finished. Fade from existence… No one cares anyway. I miss best friend. Pray for Ryan.


I know you’re lost and drifting, but the clouds are lifting, don’t give up you have somewhere to turn, I’ll be your candle on the water, till every wave is warm and bright, my soul is there beside you, let this candle guide you… I’ll paint a ray of hope around you circling in the air guided by a prayer. 😢

Irritating little creature

Hero worship, bought with a kiss and an extravagant gift… Begone bitch!

That’s what ya do for a friend my friend

Well, last night I think I really felt what I knew for sure I really do have a best friend I can count on. When someone comes to Murfreesboro to give you a ride home at 1 am when even your own family ignores you then that’s someone to be proud of. I’ve been so wishy washy lately and bitchy, but now I truly feel I don’t need to worry as much. I feel content and I feel like I’m getting back as much as I put in. I was all along and just took it for granted. I just wish I could somehow make my best friend’s day even brighter =\

Your Merlin is about to turn Morgana if you don’t straighten out!

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